DARYNABARYKINA.COM | Beauty and advertising photographer in Jacksonville, FL. Hair, makeup, nails, jewelry photography.
Daryna Barykina is professional beauty and advertising photographer based out of Jacksonville, FL. Her focus is hair, makeup, nail art and jewelry photography. Daryna has photographed multiple winning entries for such hairdressing competitions as NAHA, Show Us Your Vivids, Schwarzkopf Disheveled Nudes and many more. Daryna was named Advertising photographer of the year by ND Magazine.
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Daryna Barykina is a Jacksonville FL-based beauty and self-portraiture photographer, who specializes in stylized conceptual vivid imagery.

Daryna was born in Kyiv Ukraine at the start of the digital age in the early 1990s. She graduated from the Kyiv School of Photography in 2010. While preparing herself academically for career in Photography, she concurrently successfully completed Masters Degree in Business Administration at Ukrainian – American Liberal Arts Institute Wisconsin International University (USA) Ukraine.

Daryna has always been captivated by the power of Advertising and it’s ubiquitous visual impact. As a teenager she would secretly tear out advertising pages in the fashion magazines laid out  in the waiting room of a beauty salon, where her mother was getting hair treatments. Over the years she had gathered an impressive collection of inspiration, which has worked to remind her of that early passion and desire to create.    

In 2011 Daryna and her family relocated to Florida, where she began her career as a beauty and self-portraiture photographer. Her well-crafted lighting combined with vibrant color palette creates memorable images. Daryna conveys her unique vision through well-produced stylized stories, involving a lot of movement and sensuality.

Daryna’s work can be seen in major professional beauty magazines worldwide: Estetica (Italia), American Salon (USA), Salon Today (USA), Modern Salon (USA), Behind the Chair.com on paper (USA), Salon Opinion (Australia), Creative Head (UK), Hair’s How (Russia), Salon News Asia (Taiwan). She worked with such world renown brands as  Matrix, Mehron, Cosmoprof, Truss, Pravana, Framar and Color Track, to name a few.

Being widely recognized across the web, Daryna’s work has been featured on Allure.comGlamour.com, Seventeen.com, Elle.pl, Elle.ru. Her personal project “Bruised Behind the Mask” got a lot of attention from the beauty industry brands participating in program “CUT IT OUT ®: Salons Against Domestic Abuse” ran by Professional Beauty Association.

In 2015 Neutral Density Magazine titled Daryna an Advertising Photographer of the Year.